Realtor, Investor, & Construction Specialization

Tax Debt Help For San Diego Realtors, Investors, Construction Tradesmen

Realtors, investors and folks who engage in the licensed construction trades tend to experience similar trends of tax liability and collection activity. Regal Tax & Law Group, PC has worked with dozens of similarly situated professionals and knows how to get going on the resolution of tax problems.

For most, if not all realtors, investors and construction trades, we tend to start with a review of tax returns to see if anything can be done to reduce or slim down a debt amount. We next work with the client to make sure that the current year’s liability is being addressed so that the taxpayer creates a timeline for the cessation of debt creation.

Solve Your Tax Debt Problem

Regal Tax & Law Group, PC espouses a holistic approach to cure the disease, rather than simply putting a band aid on the problem.

Lastly, we take steps to address the existing balances by reviewing for items like penalty abatements, bankruptcy, payment arrangements or an Offer in Compromise.