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How an Attorney Can Help You Negotiate with the IRS

Facing a conflict with the IRS can be daunting, to say the least. The fears that come with dealing with such an imposing government entity can be compounded by the fact that the tax code and tax laws, in general, can be very difficult to unravel. While your tax problem may seem, and very well be, complex, there may be a simple solution to it. Such solutions, however, are often most readily conceived by and effectively implemented by those with thorough knowledge of tax policy and procedures, such as a qualified tax attorney. Should you be up against an IRS tax issue, consider retaining a trusted tax attorney to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Here is why.

How an Attorney Can Help You Negotiate with the IRS

A tax attorney can access a solid knowledge base based on study and experience to help you in dealing with the IRS on a number of matters. This can include negotiating tax settlements and exploring your options for tax forgiveness. To start pursuing the solution to your IRS conflict, an attorney will start with identifying the precise source of your problem and identifying potential solutions. This can involve thorough document review in order to zero in on potential issues and solutions.

Your attorney can also take over communicating with the IRS and processing notices received from the IRS. If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of trying to talk to an IRS representative, you know that it can be both frustrating and confusing. Throughout the process, you can lean on your tax attorney to effectively communicate in order to further efforts towards efficient problem resolutions.

The review of your case and the effective communication with the IRS can be invaluable in paving the way to productive negotiation efforts in reaching an acceptable tax settlement. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf in negotiating things such as installment payments and offers in compromise. Furthermore, your attorney can negotiate things such as the removal of a wage garnishment that may be in place, or tax levy or lien release. To most effectively negotiate, a thorough understanding of tax law can be the best tool at your disposal which is one of the central benefits of retaining a tax attorney.

A more specific example of the negotiating benefits of having a tax attorney deal with the IRS is when you are seeking an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise can be an option for those that have no way of paying a tax debt in full. An offer in compromise can allow a person to settle the tax debt for less than what is owed. Not only can a tax attorney take the correct path to an offer in compromise, there are three different kinds of offers in compromise, but an attorney can negotiate the offer on your behalf. Without the assistance of an attorney, you risk not settling at all or settling your debt for more than you need to in your offer in compromise.

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