Procrastination is not a strategy…

Do you or someone you know need a free tax consultation? With tax laws changing so rapidly, it’s important to be informed and to know where you stand with the IRS and your state. If you or someone you know is out of compliance with the IRS and the State, now is the time to speak with a San Francisco or a San Diego tax lawyer to resolve all tax matters. We have 3 locations to serve you. Click here to contact us.

Areas of expertise:

•IRS & State Tax Negotiation
•Tax return preparation
•Foreclosure/Short Sale documentation retrieval, review, preparation and filing
•Wage garnishment release
•Bank levy release
•Currently not collectible
•Installment agreements
•Offer in compromise
•EDD & BOE issues
•We specialize in advising realtors, investors, construction contractors
•Any personal or business tax related matters
•Stop hiding and start new and relieved for 2015!

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